My name is Kelsey; I have been a quiet observer for as long as I can remember. I was always watching the little details, like dust flying through a stream of light, the curly lips on a brand new baby, or even a look of love exchanged. When I turned 15, I bought my first real camera and have never put it down. I began telling others' stories visually, from families, newborn babies, new marriages, businesses, and I was immediately hooked. I found a way to share my voice. 

I love to hear people's stories. I love to see people in their happy place with the people they love. I love everything vintage. I love traveling, especially a good road trip. I love polka dots. I love fields filled with wildflowers. I love chocolate. I love the mountains. I love crafting. I love a giant moon and golden sunsets. I love coffee. I love video. And I love making photographs.